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Jan. 3rd, 2013

Tobias 3

A Letter Of Some Consequence

Tobias sits back in the wooden chair and stares at the letter before him. His fingers are ink stained. A matching smudge decorates his one temple, the color fading into his hairline.  Balls of crumpled paper litter the cabin floor behind him, some with barely a line written. The sheet that lays upon the desk though is complete in his opinion, not the best but at least finished. His handwriting is rough, but legible.  Without picking the paper up, he rereads it:

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Before he can change his mind yet again, Tobias folds the letter along with another piece of parchment into an packet, dropping something blue and sparkling within before sealing it with candle wax.  He is about to call for the Cabin Boy, but changes his mind before the syllable leaves his lips.  Should he deliver it himself?  **No, I'd lose myself entirely within twenty paces of her and forget I even had it on me.*   Having Heather do it is right out, as is asking any of her sisters.  A love letter, no matter how badly written, should not be delivered by another woman.  He considers having their Midshipman do it; Mr Winters would be discreet certainly, but no doubt puzzled.  The captain finally makes a decision.

"Mr. Draw!" he calls through the door of the aft cabin.  "I have an errand for you, lad!"

((OOC: Enclosed is the blue flower jewelry Tobias purchased in the trading post at Julianna.))

Oct. 21st, 2012

Tobias 3

4 October 2050 - East of Rocky Mountain Range

W wind, calm, clear skies.  Heading E at 80 mph.  

Have tracked N along W side of Rockies for 2 days, then cut due E.

Convinced "ghost" was stowaway.  Proved right.

Carpenter Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorn, Quarter Master Orson Fractus and Gunner Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes searched ship, discovered secret compartment twixt workshop ceiling and aft cabin floor, may have something to do with the Trenta dolls.  Will ask them come next port.

Evidence of someone or thing climbing along side of ship.  Discovered map showing areas of High Tortuga along with some beads and trinkets.  Beads are the same as found by Marigold Chesapeake, Nurse's Assistance.  Locked items in ship's lockbox with common pot, posted extra guards.  Ordered ship to rig for water landing, should flush the bugger off side of hull.  Impact from landing in mountain lake (co-ordinates to follow) shook stowaway out of hiding in Still Room instead, discovered by Dr. Chesapeake.  First impulse to kill stowaway quashed by two facts:  stowaway was 12 year old boy starved half to death already and 12 year old Marigold  looking on.  Didn't think Iris would approve.  Gave boy the Choice instead.  Articles signed after Rose Chesapeake stuffed his belly.

Boy is mute.  Must figure out a name for him.  Renfrew, after my uncle?  No, best to find name he can live with.  Can blend in with background with ease, very stealthy, most likely MisBegotten.  Could come in handy.  Thinking of having Engineer Xom take  him on as an oiler in meantime.

Mr. Winters has recovered from wounds gained during boarding action 1 October and given light duty.

Ms. H and companions settling in, quite taken with L-S.  Overhead them talking about New Borealis.  Checked with Madame H.F.   We will just about break even on deal with Ms. H.   Port of Julianna better bring some damn good trade.  Or need a lot of whores.  Or preferably both.  Need to find decent cargo and destination by end of month for crew's pay; captured Guppy from boarding action 1 October should help if can find buyer for hull.  X. wants to strip its engines for spare parts.

Asked Dr. C. about SkyLoft Julianna, current destination.  Dr. admits hearing of it, she and sisters had been asked in High Tortuga if they came from there.  Julianna all female.  No males allowed off-ship.  Men will not be happy at lack of shore leave. Note to self:  either cancel shore leave for everyone or extra ration of rum for men later.  Will put to vote.  Guts tell me to double guards while docked on this one.  May have Dr. C. and Madame H.F. take care of business matters in city on ship's behalf since I can not leave ship either.

Oct. 20th, 2012

Tobias 3

1 October 2050 - One Day North of High Tortuga

SE wind, 20 mph, fair skies.  Heading NNW at 75mph.

Counted last night's profits.  A goodly share into the common pot, entered into ledgers by Quarter Master Fractus. Ship's Madame Himiko Fuka to be commended.  No pending cargo, will probably have to launch a venture.  Finding crew difficult with damn ghost rumors.  

Mr. Jonathan Winters, late of Imperial Air Navy, has joined and signed the Articles.  Shows some knowledge of navigation.  May train him up to eventually replace old Benson as Ship's Master; Benson showing signs of bad eyesight.  Mr. W.'s arrival tied in with Gunner Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes, who is currently being hunted by former companion from IAN Academy.  Captured Imperial Guppy that was to transport T. to said comrade, now a frigate captain.  W. wounded in boarding actions.  Guppy included hidden bomb.  Engineer Xom defused and Guppy was claimed as spoils to be sold at next port. Note to self:  speak with T. regarding future choices in companions.

Three passengers hired service on way out of High Tortuga:  Abigail H. and 2 companions.  Transport and entertainment to SkyFolk loft called Julianna.  A. quite taken withe Lethbridge-Stewart.  A. is shrewd, convinced me to give passage for free since would be paying for whores anyway; must check with Madame on that.  Lesson learned.

Oct. 12th, 2012

Tobias 3

Helium City, Miss Fogbow's Chandlery

"A ship?"  Tobias was by nature skeptical.  As a pirate he had seen humanity at both its best and its worst, more to the latter.  This did not give him an overt amount of trust. "Mother, forgive me for as much as I loved Uncle Renfrew, he wasn't what I would call wealthy.  He was always borrowing money.  Where did he get a ship?"

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Oct. 7th, 2012

Tobias 3

In The Beginning

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Tobias 3


This journal is for a FICTIONAL character in an Airship Pirates game.